BAOS加熱菸盒包裝設計|Packaging Design

這是2022年我花費最多心力參與製作的一個案子之一。BAOS 是一款主打天然菸草的加熱菸品牌使用非有害的菸草製造技術以草本中藥替代,打破人們對於菸品的負面形象。為了實現業主的需求,我們以新鮮有趣的角度切入融合了自然元素,包裝的材質使用完全鏡面的鋁箔紙張材, 由於鏡面反射的特性,無論放在哪個環境, 都能夠自然而不突兀將品牌與大自然做結合並呈現出乾淨、天然的感覺。

在拍攝過程中,經歷了兩次不同時間的拍攝都是到深夜的那種,跑了無數次美術社以及花市,我為了在拍攝前讓花朵不要枯萎因此冰箱被我挪用很大一格拿來保持低溫。 還特別搭建了人工小山丘拍攝草地地景,也拜Ai的科技所賜在後期修片的時候可以與真實拍攝相互搭配。

This is one of the projects that I put a lot of effort into in 2022. BAOS is a heat-not-burn tobacco brand that uses non-harmful tobacco manufacturing technology and replaces it with herbal medicine, breaking people's negative image of tobacco products. To meet the client's needs, we approached it from a fresh and interesting perspective, integrating natural elements. The packaging material use completely mirrored aluminum foil paper, and due to the reflective nature of the mirror, the brand can be naturally and seamlessly integrated with nature in any environment, presenting a clean, natural feeling.
During the shooting process, we had two different shoots that lasted until late at night. We ran countless trips to the art club and flower market. To prevent the flowers from wilting before the shoot, I even used a large refrigerator to keep them cool. We also built an artificial hill to shoot the grassland landscape, and thanks to the technology of AI, we were able to combine it with real shooting in post-production.

Client | BAOS
Art Director | 林廷翰
Designer | 沈彥霖
Copywriter | 黃宇慈
Photographer | Ant7 image蟻棲攝影、Zeek Wang


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