Graphic Designer: Yen-Lin, Shen
I graduated from the department of Fashion Design of Shih-Chien University. 
After I graduated from university, I joined a “working holiday” program in Yellowstone National Park in U.S.A. I had the opportunities to experience a lot of new things that I had never done or seen before. After I finished the working holiday program, I saved some money to support me to travel in several different cities in the U.S. for four weeks. Those working and travelling experiences really broaden my view and influenced my thought for future life. 
In 2016, I went to UK for studying and finished my master degree of Graphic Design in Arts University Bournemouth. While I studied in the UK, I also went to several European countries for travelling and saw many world-famous art galleries and works. 
After graduation from my MA study, I got an internship job in a brand identity design studio in London. It’s really a great experience for me. I am currently working in Shanghai.
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