BAOS is a heated tobacco brand that often faces reluctance from non-smokers. To overcome this negative perception, they have developed a proprietary technology to create tobacco-free products using herbal ingredients as substitutes, significantly reducing nicotine content. They aim to revolutionize the tobacco market through this innovative approach.

Submerged in water, inhaling a breath of air represents the purest and most primal desire. This proposal leverages this narrative to create a brand with a neutral and virtually harmless product image. The team utilizes unique positive and negative space formations to depict water bubbles, extending this concept to diverse design elements across various brand collections.

Due to the distinctive recognition of each letter in the logo, there is great flexibility in design layout. Whether vertically stacked, horizontally aligned, or even scattered, it maintains brand consistency while offering creative and playful visual elements.
Year | 2021 
Agency|Retrurn design
Art Director |林廷翰 
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